Help your students practice talking about Past Actions using irregular verbs.

Memory Game: Irregular Verbs In Past

Age: All Ages

Level: Pre-elementary, Elementary

Target Structure: Simple past

Duration: 10-20 minutes (depending on group size)

Materials: cut-out Irregular Verbs in Past Grammar Cards 

  • Shuffle all verb cards and place them face down one next to the other creating different rows. Set time expression cards on a deck on the side.

  •    Students flip two cards trying to match the verb in base form with its past form.
  •    When students get a pair, they can pull a card from the time expression deck and form a full sentence in past. If sentence is correct, students get to keep the pair; if it isn’t, they have to put it back (the next student can pick up same pair and “steal” it from the previous player).
  •    The player with the most pairs wins.

*Note: time expression cards have elements in paranthesis that can be easily replaced. For example, when the card says (two) (months) ago, you can replace the words two and months with similar ones: five weeks ago, three hours ago, twenty minutes ago, etc. 


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