Use this communicative activity to get your students talking about Easter in Mexico, Poland, and their own countries.

How to use this worksheet

  • Divide students into pairs.
  • Give a copy of the A and B worksheets to each pair. Remind students not to show each other their worksheets.
  • Then, have students work individually to read the text and answer the questions. Make sure they know they should write the answers down.
  • Have them work in pairs and complete the rest of the worksheet: monitor and support.
  • Have whole class feedback and error correction.
  • You can follow these activities up by asking students to research more about Easter in both countries, write a summary of similarities and differences, or a description of a similar celebration in their culture.

*Note: These worksheets contain religious themes specific to the countries mentioned. We suggest you revise these worksheets before class to ensure they are appropriate for your context. If your students come from a different cultural background, you can encourage them to write a similar description of a spring festival or celebrations from their culture.


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