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05_00_CHILDREN_Content and CLIL


This section contains a huge selection of lesson plans for a range of CLIL subjects as well as teaching materials including wordlists, worksheets, and images.

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This Grammar section contains fun resources to use in class. There are games, songs, lessons, and even our very own superhero... Grammarman!


Vocabulary & Phonics

This section contains comprehensive support for teaching phonics, including worksheets, teacher's notes, audio and flashcards to use in class.

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Warmers & Fillers

A collection of resources to help make your classes more dynamic and fun.

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Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship

This section contains Pre-primary and Primary materials based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Global Citizenship, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion themes.

02_support for teaching children

Support for Teaching Children

In this section, you’ll find expert advice for preparing your lessons. There is relevant support material for all of the Children sections.