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Teenagers are notoriously hard to please and teachers are always looking for original activities that will both capture and hold students' interest. All of the ideas, materials and lesson plans in this section aim to inspire and engage teenage learners of English and to activate learning across all four skills.

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Listening resources

Cinematic listening: A ghost's guide to London

Luke and James Vyner present a series of cinematic listening lessons that will take you and your students on a fantastic adventure through London – with your guide, Lord Jeffrey, the Ghost of London. Part audio guide, part audio play, this thrilling listening experience will excite and engage your learners whilst introducing them to the vibrant city of London and the colourful language that fills its streets.


In this monthly series, Keith Kelly provides a comprehensive lesson plan focusing on both content and language, accompanied by a useful word list highlighting language used in core function areas of different subjects. These lesson plans and word lists are the result of analysis into the language of the content subjects: geography, biology, chemistry and physics.

More secondary CLIL resources

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Macmillan Readers

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Owl Hall

Owl Hall, by Robert Campbell and Lindsay Clandfield, is a gripping teenage mystery story told in thirteen spooky parts. But that’s not all … find out all about Owl Hall and everything it has to offer you and your students here!

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Other fun resources


Never fear, Grammarman is here to address all your students’ punctuation problems and provide syntax solutions in the form of a comic-strip worksheet. Spot the errors to support our onestopenglish superhero on his mission to safeguard the English language! We publish a new Grammarman worksheet each month and the first one is free to all onestopenglish users.


A selection of fun lesson plans on festivals, including Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas, that practise web-based skills.

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