Tim Bowen explains this word with such pizzazz, he probably writes articles like this in his sleep.

It is said that humans spend a third of their lives asleep. The fact that sleep occupies such a large part of our existence might explain why there are so many idioms and expressions containing the word sleep.

If you are able to enjoy a good night's sleep, you might say the next morning that you slept like a log or slept like a baby. If, on the other hand, you spent an uncomfortable night tossing and turning, you might complain the next day that you didn't sleep a wink. If there is a problem or decision that you wish to put off till later, you can say you will sleep on it, and if there is a problem or situation that others might regard as important, but which you regard as trivial, you could say that you won't lose any sleep over it. If, on the other hand, there isn't a problem with a particular aspect of your life or job, it's probably better to let sleeping dogs lie, rather than resurrect an old problem or create one where there wasn't one. Some things are so easy that you can do them in your sleep, while others are so difficult that they can give you sleepless nights.

If you want to remain healthy and attractive you should make sure you get your beauty sleep every night (in other words, enough sleep). If, on the other hand, you overindulge at a party and drink too much, you might have to go to bed to sleep it off (get over the effects).