Tim Bowen captures the mood with this educational discussion on collocates of the word place.

During the British economic crisis, a news report stated that British Universities had begun to place limits on the number of students they recruited. This partly resulted from the decision to place part of the burden of financing higher education on the universities themselves. Many complained that placing the responsibility for higher education budgets on universities had placed a strain on their resources and forced them to place restrictions on new research projects. Some placed the blame for the situation fairly and squarely on the government, saying that while the government claimed to place great importance on education on the one hand, it also placed great emphasis on the need to make savings and this had placed many educational institutions under pressure.

Several people complained that the government placed profits above quality. Some placed their hopes on a change of policy but others continued to place their hopes on the status quo. It is fair to say, however, that very few placed bets on any significant improvement in the situation, at least in the short term. Under these circumstances, some institutions  stopped placing advertisements to recruit new students in newspapers and many reported that the economic crisis was making it difficult to place people in jobs when they graduated.