Help your students practise vocabulary describing crime and law enforcement with this set of vocabulary cards.

Unusual suspects

Age: Adults

Level: B1 +

Target language: Crime and law enforcement lexical set

Duration: 5-10 minutes (depending on group size)

Materials: Cut up Vocabulary Cards; one set per pair

  • Have students work in pairs for this activity
  • Give each par a set of cut up cards and place them face down.
  • Make sure to remind students that they should think of the crime & law enforcement meaning of the words. For example, ‘sentence’ can mean a complete phrase, but in this context it is used to mean the punishment given in the legal system. You can go through the vocabulary before the game starts to make sure the students know all the words.
  • Have students take turns to pick a card, explain the term to their partner and have them guess the word. 
  • Have a class feedback for any errors.



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