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    Time zones around the world

    This lesson plan has a challenging activity in which pupils label pictures of the Earth according to which parts are in sunlight at midday. They then examine a map and answer questions about different time zones in different parts of the USA. Includes step-by-step teacher guidance and project ideas.

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    The UK and capital cities in Europe

    Through engaging map-labelling activities pupils name the major capital cities of the European Union and the countries and cities that make up the United Kingdom.

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    Scale and map coordinates

    After completing this worksheet pupils will be more familiar with working with maps, understanding cardinal points and proportional scales. Two exercises encourage pupils to label a map based on given coordinates and predict where six children are going. Includes project ideas.

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    This lesson plan helps young learners distinguish left from right, learn to read maps and practise everyday vocabulary. Pupils use directions to draw playground objects on a map and identify the position of objects in relation to one another.

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    In this lesson plan, pupils pinpoint objects from an aerial view, and draw and compare their own aerial map using a text description. Improves map-reading skills and reinforces vocabulary words for familiar places such as ‘library’, ‘classroom’ and ‘park’.

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    Landscape transformation

    In this lesson plan, pupils learn about the effect of the wind and the sea on the landscape. They see how a cliff is formed by the pounding of waves and how stones and rocks are broken down to make the sand on a beach.

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    Houses, materials and environments

    In this lesson plan, pupils match pictures of materials to the correct labels, complete describing sentences with the correct materials and match houses to the correct weather conditions.

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    First Day: First lesson speaking activities

    Download these quick and engaging activities that can be used to encourage speaking in the first classes of a course or school year. 

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    Map reading

    Helps young learners develop map-reading skills and spatial awareness. Pupils use a grid map and cardinal directions to measure distances and find places in a town. Teacher’s notes provide step-by-step instructions and suggestions for additional map-reading exercises and classroom activities.

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    Geography expert quiz

    Pairwork information-gap activity in which students label a map of the world with well-known rivers, mountains, deserts, seas and oceans. They compare answers with a partner to find out how good their knowledge of geography really is!

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    Selections level 1: Monday

    A poem by Eileen Bourke about daily routines, with a complete lesson plan and worksheets by Adrian Tennant.

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    Interactive phonemic chart: British English

    Adrian Underhill's Interactive phonemic chart! This excellent teaching tool can be downloaded (see links below) and played full-screen and gives clear audio examples of the English phoneme set.

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    Senses wordsearch

    Can you find the five senses and five parts of the body in the grid?