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    Beyond: Knowledge: The brain

    In this three-part lesson, students do a quiz about the human brain and test their memories, discover which side of their brain is dominant and find out about Albert Einstein.

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    Lesson Share: Macmillan Life Skills: Study Skills – Short answer questions

    In this Macmillan Life Skills lesson, students become experts on obscure topics and practice skimming to find answers to questions their classmates have written developing the following life skills: analysing and extracting key information, evaluating content of a reply or argument, and time management.

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    Beyond: Knowledge: Dictionaries

    In this lesson, students complete an information-gap activity about Samuel Johnson’s famous dictionary, learn how to be better dictionary users, identify parts of speech and compete in a dictionary quiz.

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    Beyond: Knowledge: Geography

    In this lesson, students identify flags, create a world flag, play a team board game and complete a geography quiz.

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    Beyond: Knowledge: Learning

    In this lesson, students complete a questionnaire to find out about their learning style, work in groups to write suggestions on how to improve their learning and discover the history of encyclopaedias.

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    Holiday game: Future of can/can't

    An activity where students receive an exciting holiday and must list all the things they will and won’t be able to do on their given holiday practising the future of can and can’t.

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    Macmillan Life Skills: Get Thinking – Museums

    In this Macmillan Life Skills lesson, students read and listen to reviews about museums and discuss their own preferences developing the following life skills: learner autonomy, giving feedback and social responsibility.

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    Beyond: Knowledge: Classrooms

    In this lesson, students practise describing and comparing classrooms, design their dream classroom, evaluate and discuss school subjects and revise useful classroom language.

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    Beyond on onestopenglish

    Your teenage students will love using this fantastic series of British English lessons prepared by Karen Kovacs.

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    Tuk Tuk Travels: Entry 3: Highland, highland highland!

    In their third travelogue, Rich and Nick depart the barren, dusty tracks of Sudan for the lush landscape of Kenya – and make some friends along the way.

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    Lesson Share: Speaking: Making arrangements

    This winning lesson by Claire Gibbs practises functional language for making plans.

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    A ghost's guide to London: Episode 5: Shoreditch

    Lord Jeffrey, the Ghost of London, takes students on an audio tour of trendy Shoreditch.  Students will practise listening and telling stories from memory.

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    A ghost's guide to London: Episode 4: Covent Garden

    Lord Jeffrey, the Ghost of London, takes students on an audio tour of the Covent Garden area. In this lesson students will learn about Covent Garden; practise listening for gist and reconstructing audio stories from memory; compare and contrast standard forms of English with colloquial expressions and practise these expressions ...

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    Live from London: The monarchy

    In the weeks leading up to Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, onestopenglish’s reporters took a trip to St James’s Park, in the shadow of Buckingham Palace, to ask locals and tourists for their opinion on the British royal family.

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    Merry Christmas

    This mini-play features two women in a toy shop talking about what to buy their loved ones for Christmas. The lesson contains a downloadable mp3 audio file and a lesson plan with student worksheets and teacher’s notes.

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    Owl Hall

    Owl Hall, by Robert Campbell and Lindsay Clandfield, is a gripping teenage mystery story told in thirteen spooky parts.

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    Owl Hall: Episode 1: Arrival

    In the first episode of this brand-new spooky serialization we meet Kara, her brother, Martin, and their mum, Janet, who are all travelling to the mysterious Owl Hall. You can download the mp3 file for Episode 1, plus a lesson plan (with student worksheets, full transcript and answer keys) written ...

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    Live from Geneva: Switzerland

    The onestopenglish team is back in Geneva, asking locals and tourists what they like about Switzerland.

  • Photo of extreme weather (thunderstorm, blizzard, etc.)

    Weather and Climate

    Over two hundred weather and climate words from ‘affect’ to ‘wispy’! Definitions and contextual sentences in clear English provide a very useful record of essential vocabulary for you and your students.

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    From congestion to sanitation – a host of useful vocabulary words about city life, including definitions and example sentences.