A project based on the famous British radio programme Desert Island Discs.

Photo of people working at a radio station or programme.

Source: JBfotoblog, Getty Images

Desert Island Discs is a BBC radio programme. (Of course you can also use similar radio programmes that are available in your country.) It is relatively easy to tape programmes from the radio to use in class. You can also ask students to listen to the programme at home. 

Your students will listen to a tape of a famous British radio programme in which famous people are asked to imagine that they are marooned alone on a desert island. They are asked to pick their favourite pieces of music: ones that they would like to listen to on the island and explain why they like them. Then they have to choose one book they would like to have there as well as the Bible and the complete works of Shakespeare plus one luxury they would like to have there.

  1. Working alone, students decide whether to be a famous person or themselves and for homework choose their favourite pieces of music and luxuries for the island.
  2. Working with a partner, students take it in turns to be the interviewer. They decide on the questions to ask. They may need to make notes of the interview.

Students act out the interview and if possible play the extracts of music. They could tape them or perform them for the rest of the class.

 You can download this activity and find out more about Desert Island Discs below:


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