Activities and downloadable resources linked to the topic family.

  1. Family tree
    Introduce the idea of a family tree with a family that all the students know. (There is no point using the British Royal family if they do not know these people. It could be a famous TV family in your country.) Draw this family tree on the board and practise the target language. The aim is for students to be able to say key words and understand meaning. For further practice and a chance to draw and personalise, students draw their own family tree (or they can bring in photographs) and tell their classmates or teacher who is who. 
  2. Family chain
    A chance for children to create a chain to decorate their class and practise the vocabulary. Good practice for those little hands in drawing and cutting out – motor skills / hand control.
  3. Family spinner 
    A lovely craft activity that leads into lots of practice of the key vocabulary and a chance to add other related vocabulary items they know + ‘have you got a’ For students with a greater range of vocabulary.



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