Alex Case offers three different needs analysis forms for you to print and use, as well as suggesting how and when they could be used.

Look at the examples of needs analysis forms given below (click on the links under 'Related resources') and decide how and when you could use them. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each form? 

Could they be used:

  • before and/or during the first class?
  • for a spoken and/or written needs analysis?
  • in one-to-one classes and/or group classes?

Interview form

I use this form in almost every situation – in needs analysis during level-test interviews, in one-to-ones, first classes, and for students to interview each other in pairs or group classes. With group classes, we go through the whole form first brainstorming a couple of possible questions for each section and writing the relevant question words (but not the whole questions) on the board. 

Needs analysis worksheet

I think this form is too detailed and time-consuming to give as a written needs analysis, but I also find that a needs analysis where students only need to tick boxes sometimes doesn’t work as students may tick away without thinking much about the options. I use this form mainly as a reminder to myself as I am conducting a needs analysis, but write the answers given on the Interview Form.

Speaking and listening form

If you do find you need a quick tick-box form, here's one you can use in class or ask students to complete at home, focused on speaking and listening.


Click link to download and view these files