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  • Photo of a natural scenery: forest, seaside, mountains, etc.

    Matura: Writing: Nature and Environment

    In this lesson focusing on nature and the environment, students can build their vocabulary and learn how to write about the natural world using descriptive language.

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    Classification: Science

    Keith Kelly looks at examples of the language of classification from the area of science, covering structures such as verb phrases, noun phrases and linking phrases.

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    Animals: Feet Talk!

    Feet are fascinating but what are the differences between human feet and bird feet? In this lesson plan, students match feet photos to the names of birds before listening to a description of the feet of woodpeckers, ducks, ostriches and how their feet are suited to their behaviour. A gap-fill ...

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    What type of animals are whales? What are the characteristics of the Blue whale, the Sperm whale and the Bowhead whale? Do whales have teeth? Your students will find out all about these magnificent creatures via a reading text with quiz, comprehension-check questions and a role-play exercise. Teacher’s notes provide ...

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    Spain: Endangered species

    This lesson plan teaches students about wolves, lynxes and other endangered animals, and highlights the importance of protecting the environment.

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    American English vocabulary lessons: the letter N

    N is for names and the natural world.