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    Pathology of vision: Blindness

    A lesson plan for students to listen to a text on classifying blindness and complete a chart with key facts. Using a diagram Braille alphabet and students practise communicating in Braille using card and pins/pens. They then engage in a structured class discussion on aspects of vision such as blindness, ...

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    Diet and fitness: Nutrition and keeping fit

    In this lesson plan, students examine a nutrition pyramid and speak in groups about their diet using speaking prompts. They listen to the teacher giving them information on diet and exercise, match the information with diagrams and complete a gap-fill on nutrition and fitness. A full teacher’s script is provided.

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    Biology: An introduction

    A short history of biology tracks the study of life through the ages, showing our fascination with the living world around us, from the ancient Egyptians to Charles Darwin’s theories and the study of DNA. The second reading text is a letter from a professor of biology, spelling out the ...

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    Mayans and Incas

    In this lesson plan, students work in pairs to read about two ancient civilizations and identify differences between the two.

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    The Terror of Blue John Gap: Part 2

    Part 2 of this horror story continues with Hardcastle deciding to explore the caves at Blue John Gap. In this lesson, the students will: remember and retell the first part of the story; listen to the second part of the story and predict what might happen next; listen in detail ...

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    The Secret Garden: Chapter 8

    The audio and activities for the eighth chapter of this pre-intermediate-level Macmillan Reader are now available for all Staff Room members. Because she was busy working in the garden with Dickon, Mary arrived late to visit Colin …

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    Spider's fear for the future

    In this lesson plan, students ask a partner questions to complete a text about an environmentalist’s concerns. This helps students to practise several verb tenses and question forms.

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    Environment: Integrated Skills CLIL Lesson plan

    In this lesson plan, students learn about important environmental issues: recycling in the UK, saving water in the garden and pollution. A collaborative project asks students to prepare a presentation on pollution. Useful phrases, tips for effective reading and writing and vocabulary builder activities are also included. The listening exercise ...

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    Business: Integrated Skills CLIL Lesson

    This lesson plan deals with different aspects of business: travel, negotiations, buying and selling, advertising, slogans and currency. Role-play dialogue is included, as is a fun collaborative project for the whole ’business class’. Includes tips for effective writing and listening, consolidation and vocabulary builder activities, useful phrases and a listening ...

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    Places: Teens chat: History

    In this lesson plan, teenagers Anna and Ben chat about an internet history quiz and ask each other quiz questions about history. Students listen to the dialogue then complete a gap-fill, label a world map, match sentences to places on the map and complete a vocabulary exercise on words such ...

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    Sports: Two sides of a sport

    What are the positive and negative aspects of sport? In this lesson plan, students listen to an overview of the good and bad aspects of practising a sport. A true/false exercise and gap-fill teaches words such as ‘fan’, ‘train’, ‘cheat’, ‘team’ and ‘winner’. A follow-up debate activity gets students to ...

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    Animals: Feet Talk!

    Feet are fascinating but what are the differences between human feet and bird feet? In this lesson plan, students match feet photos to the names of birds before listening to a description of the feet of woodpeckers, ducks, ostriches and how their feet are suited to their behaviour. A gap-fill ...

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    Environment: The food chain

    This lesson plan provides an ideal introduction to the concept of food chains. Students complete a food chain diagram then listen to a clear explanation of each link in the chain from producers to third-level consumers. The listening also includes a clear explanation of why food chains are important. A ...

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    Environment: Natural disasters

    In this lesson plan, students unjumble words to reveal four natural disasters before listening to information on hurricanes and floods. Comprehension questions focus on the what, why, where and when. A follow-up activity asks students to match vocabulary such as ’drown’, ’evaporate’, disrupt’ and ’blow down’ to their definitions.

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    Consumer hot topics: Problem-solving

    In this lesson plan, students listen to tips for helping someone with an eating disorder, depression or stress. They answer true/false questions and interview their partner on leading a healthy lifestyle.

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    Consumer hot topics: Obesity

    In this lesson plan, students listen to a consumer report on obesity and what we can do to combat it. They complete a chart and gap-fill on calorie intake vs. output and listen again to focus on key vocabulary. A follow-up activity asks students to describe the symptoms and solutions ...

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    Nutrition: Integrated Skills CLIL Lesson

    You are what you eat. In this lesson, students are encouraged to talk about the kinds of food they eat, and the nutritional value of their diets. The food pyramid is given as a guide for healthy eating. Contains reading, speaking, listening and writing exercises as well as a collaborative ...

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    Introduction to Science: Integrated Skills CLIL Lesson

    This illustrated lesson introduces students to the study of science in English. The first part asks what ’things’ are made of? In the second part, students carry out experiments. Includes vocabulary and listening activities.

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    Computers: Integrated Skills CLIL Lesson

    In this lesson plan, a reading text introduces students to the components of a computer and includes a computer diagram to label, and a listening exercise narrates the history of computing. Useful phrases for when talking about computers, effective reading and writing tips, vocabulary builder exercises and three project ideas ...

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    Buying and selling

    In this role-playing exercise, students practise their reading, listening and speaking skills.