Get your students talking about the different factors to consider when making a purchase.

SERVICE - Price vs quality


1. Ask students to look at Activity 1 and think which of the following factors they consider when buying something. Next, have them discuss in groups which factors are the most and least important.

A) price

B) quality

C) service

D) design

E) brand



2. Divide students into pairs. Have them discuss which of the above factors matter most when making the following purchases:

A) a new mobile phone

B) a pair of jeans

C) a meal in a restaurant

D) a flight to see a friend abroad

E) a new computer

F) buying online


Optional follow-up

3. For an extension to this activity, you can ask students to write down three recent large purchases they made. Have them discuss which of the factors in Activity 1 they took into consideration when making these purchases and why. 


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