The Amazing world of animals, by Carol Read, is a project for Young Learners, designed to simultaneously build up learners’ language skills and knowledge of the animal kingdom. The project is divided into six lessons and leads to a final outcome of children creating a group e-zine/magazine with the title ‘Amazing world of animals’. In each lesson, children find out about different aspects of the animal world and produce a piece of work to include in their e-zine/magazine.

Amazing world of animals lesson screenshot

Each lesson includes step-by-step notes for teachers and two worksheets for students. Carol Read also gives an introduction to the project, including a comprehensive project map with details of lesson aims and skills, language and vocabulary covered in each lesson.

The Amazing world of animals project contains:

  • Introduction and project map
  • Lesson 1: How to classify animals
  • Lesson 2: Animal habitats
  • Lesson 3: Animal camouflage
  • Lesson 4: Food and food chains
  • Lesson 5: Animal life cycles
  • Lesson 6: Endangered animals

The Introduction and project map and Lesson 1: How to classify animals are both free to all users. The rest of the project is available to onestopenglish subscribers.