An activity to revise vocabulary and information about a famous monument.

Download the fact sheet PDF

I did this with a class of fourth form in France. I wanted to revise the information learnt about the Statue of Liberty, but not in the usual way, questions and answers. The day before, I told them that they were going to be American guides in New York. I meant that they had to revise their information about the making of NYC hence the Statue of Liberty.

The next day I handed them the document attached, that is to say the notes on the Statue of Liberty.

I knew it was too detailed and too long but I just wanted them to select the necessary information. I let the better students work alone, and helped those who needed my help to make sentences. (group work)

After 40 minutes, I listened to them and even recorded their voices so that they could evaluate their performances. We had a really good time because we managed to combine day to day English, communication and revision of history facts. Plus, some of them were very original and caught our attention for a few minutes. This is adaptable to any monument in NYC provided you have the basic information on them.