In this exercise students come up with different words for grammar categories.


  • Scattergories is a fun game, where you place up to five categories such as cars, plants, girls names and boys names on the board.
  • You then provide a letter, and the students have one minute to write down as many things for that each category that they can think of starting with that letter e.g. T:  Toyota, tea, Tania, Tom.
  • Points can be added and scored for groups. This game is a fun tool and can be made topic related.
  • For grammar I write the categories 'noun', 'adjective', 'verb', 'adverb' on the board. Then I give a topic such as 'in the kitchen' or 'at the football'. The students have a minute to find suitable words for each category.

In the kitchen
noun: spoon
adjective: clean
verb: cooking
adverb: rapidly

  • As a follow up they can take a set of words from each group to write a sentence, e.g.

In the kitchen my Mum was rapidly shining the already clean spoon before cooking.