A simple and fun exercise to get students moving and practise questions.



  • To get all students moving and involved in a success-oriented task.
  • To practise reading simple questions.
  • To encourage a dynamic pace.

You can ensure that quick students get more challenging questions as you hand them out, to give everyone a chance to play the game.


  • Hand out strips of paper with directions like these:

    1. How many students are wearing black shoes today?
    2. How many chairs are there in the classroom?
    3. How many students are holding pencils?
    4. How many posters are there on the classroom walls?
  • Students wander around the classroom finding the answer to their question.
  • As soon as they have their answer, they run to the board, write the question and answer and their name.
  • If there are a lot of students and access to the board is confined, students who have finished can sit down in their seats when they are finished and then read out their questions and answers in the order they finished at the end of the activity.