A team game for teenagers involving riddles


  • To get students thinking.
  • To have fun using English.
  • To foster team work and stop children just calling out and attention-seeking. If they don’t confer about the answers, they could easily lose their chance to win. You might have to allocate a secretary / representative for each team to speak on their behalf.


  • Explain the game clearly.
  • Divide the class into teams of up to six students in each.
  • Write 6,5,4,3,2,1 on the board.
  • As you read out each clue, teams can guess what the answer is. If they are correct after one guess they score 6 points, after 2 guesses five points, etc...
  • If a team gives the incorrect answer they cannot have another try.
I am not a bird, but I can fly.
I eat insects and fruit.
I’m dark.
I sleep upside down.
I’m brown on the outside.
I’m white on the inside.
I’m hard and you can eat or drink me.
I’m hairy.
I grow in hot countries.
I’m yellow and round.
I’m the same size as an apple.
You can’t eat me.
You hit me with a racquet.
(tennis ball)
I’m usually made of paper.
But in Australia I’m plastic.
I can lots of colours.
I have pictures and numbers on me.
You use me to buy things.
Every country has one.
I have different colours.
I need wind to fly.
The British one is red, white and blue.
I’m a special day.
People buy each other presents.
I’m romantic.
I’m on February 14th.
(Valentine’s Day)
I’m something you do every day.
I’m also an Olympic sport.
You use your legs to do this.
It’s slower than running.
I’m something English people eat for breakfast.
I’m hot.
You can put butter and jam on me.
I’m cooked bread.
I’m a sport.
I’m usually done by men.
You need to be powerful and quick.
Muhammad Ali is the most famous man who has played this sport.
You wear shorts and gloves.
I’m a beautiful animal.
I’m found in Africa.
I have the first and last letters of the alphabet in my name.
I’m like a horse.
I’m striped.


  • Students could prepare more of their own riddles for homework to be used in subsequent games.