A warmer to practise prepositions of position.


Time: 15 minutes

I used this activity during a Halloween lesson and my students enjoyed it very much... and so did I!


  • Prepare ten cards with the same picture on each (I used a picture of a black cat).
  • Tell the students to wait outside the classroom for a while and hide the cards somewhere (or you can do this before the class if you have time). Then let them search for the cats.
  • Every time they find a cat, they must note it down in their exercise book, e.g. The cat is on the window. The cat is under the chair, etc. Explain that they must leave the cards where they are.
  • The first student to give you correct answers is the winner and, if you want, they can hide the cats in the next round.

Variation: Instead of just one picture, you could use several different ones and use the activity to review vocabulary as well.