When the class is feeling bored, here is a game they can play in groups or as a class.


  • Choose one student to come to the front of the class and tell the other students to take a good look at them (you could set a time limit for this).
  • Tell the student to go outside the classroom somewhere where they can't be seen by the other students.. They should do something to change their appearance subtly e.g. by untying thier shoelace or removing their watch.
  • They shouldn't do something that can be spotted right away. They should remember to change one thing only!
  • Next, they come back into class. The other students need to guess what they have changed about their appearance.

Suggestions for students:

  • Fold up the sleeves of your shirt.
  • Wear your right shoe on the left foot.
  • Do a different hair parting. 
  • Tie your scarf in a different direction.
  • Wear your glasses in a different manner.
  • Wear your watch on the other hand. 


  1. Students are asked to observe the class surroundings thoroughly. After choosing a student to be 'IT', the other students go out of class away from the possibility of observing the change taking place. The class comes in when 'IT' is ready and the students can ask questions to identify the change.
  2. To make it more difficult and with a more proficient class, students can only ask questions with a 'yes' or 'no' answer.