The aim of this activity is to work on: verb to be + name, size, color, age; has got, hasn't got, abilities, likes and dislikes.


  1. Ask your students to think of a magic element they would like to have.
  2. Ask one of them to start drawing it on the board but not complete, just part of it. His/Her mates will have to guess what the element is by asking yes, no questions. E.g.: Is it a flower? Is it a moon? The one who is drawing will answer: No, it isn't....
  3. While his/her mates are asking questions he/ she will continue drawing. The one who guesses will be the next to draw his/her magic element.
  4. Before having a new element, the one who drew his/ her magic element will have to talk about it, telling his name, size, color, age, abilities, non- abilities, likes and dislikes. And he/ she will draw the abilities, non- abilities, likes, dislikes surrounding the magic element.
    For example: My magic element is a kite. Katy, the kite, It's big. It's blue and orange, It has got two eyes. It can fly, It can sing, It can dance. It can't swim. It likes hamburgers but it doesn't like hot dogs.
  5. Ask them to draw their magic elements in their notebooks for their
    next class.