A variation on the game 'hangman' for classes in which the drawing of a hanged man would be inappropriate.


This is a variation on ‘Hangman’ which I developed for use in a class which had a number of refugees who had come from violent situations.

The activity can be used in two ways. First, choose a word from the vocabulary list and mark a line on the board to represent each letter contained in the word. As the students suggest letters to make the word either:

  1. Compose a flower shape by drawing a stem, leaves, petals and a centre. This is a positive focus with a pretty result.


  1. Draw a flower shape, e.g. a daisy with a number of petals, a stem and leaves. Remove a petal for each incorrect letter. This method requires the teacher to remember to add enough petals and leaves according to the number of letters.

The game is best started off by the teacher and handed over to the students to continue. It gives students some control over their learning and encourages speaking, listening and communication skills. This game can be used as a warmer or as a five minute filler at the end of a class.