A quick warmer to review new vocabulary items

post it note

Age: Adults

Level: Pre-intermediate - advanced

Time: 15 minutes in total (5 minutes in first class, 10 minutes in subsequent class)

Objectives: To review vocabulary on a set topic

Key skills: vocabulary, spelling, comprehension

Materials: 10 small post-it notes for each student, pens, a small reward


1 At the beginning of the first class, teach your students the names of ten things around the classroom. For beginners, you might stick to simple vocabulary such as desk and window. For intermediate and advanced learners, you could teach more advanced vocabulary such as electrical outlet and smudge.

2 At the beginning of the next class, give each student another ten post-it notes. Dictate them the ten words you taught them in the previous lesson. Students should write each word or phrase on a separate post-it note.

3 Students should then go around the room and stick the post-it notes in the correct places.

4 When the students have finished sticking all their post-it notes, they should come and tell you, and the first one finished could get a small prize.

Notes: Don’t teach words for anything you think might not be in the classroom in the next lesson. Also, don’t teach the words of anything they can’t reach.

Variation: This could be changed to dictate parts of the body, colours, shapes, adjectives, etc.