A fun, energetic warmer to review 'What's your name?', or similar questions with very young children.

children running


  • Line the children up against a wall and then get them to ask the question 'What's your name?' all together as a chant. 
  • The teacher stands on the opposite end of the room, or the opposite wall and calls out the students' names one by one. 
  • As soon as the student in question is called, he/she tries to run to the opposite end of the room and touch the wall without being caught by the teacher. 
  • The teacher of course, plays along and lets them win. 
  • The winner is now the person who must call out the next name. etc..

This game can be used for other questions as well like 'How old are you?', 'Where are you from?' 'Where do you live?' enabling students to practise numbers, names of countries and places.