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Spelling Bee Games: Climbing the Ladder

Boost your students’ vocabulary and spelling skills with this fun game.


Amazing World of Animals: Lesson 1 - How to classify animals

In this lesson, children learn to recognize the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates, classify animals, and identify and describe key features of animals in each group.


First Day: Name games

Here are some fun games to help your new class get to know each other and learn their classmates’ names.


Amazing World of Food: Lesson 1 - Where food comes from

In this lesson, children identify food imported from other countries and describe where it comes from and how far it travels to get there. 

Alphabet booklet—A is for apple

Alphabet booklet: A is for Apple

Review and practise the letter A with your students using this engaging activity.


Grammarman 1_index

Grammarman: Episode 1—Introducing Grammarman

Meet Grammarman, our correction-crusading hero, and his friends who defend Verbo City from bad English.


Education for Sustainable Development and Citizenship Secondary (B1): Multifaceted Personalities

Help your students recognize multifaceted personal identities, including national and global ones.


Impressions (A1): Dress David

Do you know the Statue of David? In this lesson, students read about it and identify and describe the clothes to dress this famous figure.

Teenagers smiling for selfie

Grammar Cards: Pronouns and Personal Titles for Talking About People

Help your students practise talking to and about people using different pronouns and personal titles.


Skills for Problem Solving: Upper Intermediate—Learn From Your Mistakes

Help your students understand how sometimes taking risks and making mistakes can make them better learners.



Discussion Cards: Post-COVID Holiday Plans

Use this worksheet to lead a discussion about holidays and making travel plans after COVID.


Career Readiness (A1): Services—From Village to Village

This text talks about how women in northern India earn money by transporting luggage between villages.

Elementary Business: Women at work

Elementary Business: Women at work—a constant struggle for gender equality

Are we close to ending inequality in the business world?

Volunteers helping at food bank.

What Is A Global Citizen?: Adult (A1+)—Education for Sustainable Development and Citizenship Programme

This lesson can help your students provide a definition of what it is to be a global citizen.

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Current Themes: The Incredible Reign of Queen Elizabeth II

Use this worksheet to get your students talking about the long and impressive reign of the late British monarch.