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Drawn boy waving hello

I’m Like You: Pre-Primary—Education for Sustainable Development and Citizenship Programme

This lesson can help your students compare and contrast their own identity with that of others.

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Have students review vocabulary with this fun Bingo chart!

traffic light (green/red) with illustration of girl clapping

Ready for School!: Traffic Light

Add some movement to your lesson with these fun activities.

Drawing of doll with connect-dots activity

Fun Fillers: Connecting Dots

Get your students to practise basic numbers with this relaxing activity.

Girl thinking and imagining things

That’s a Stereotype!: Primary (A2)—Education for Sustainable Development and Citizenship Programme

This lesson can help your students distinguish a stereotype from a description.

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Spelling Bee Games: Trace It!

Get students ready for Spelling Bee contests. Students can practise and have fun!

Social Emotional Tools: Emotion Cards

Social Emotional Tools: Emotion Cards

Give your students tools to identify and manage their emotions in class.


Mexican girl smiling

Power Relationships: Secondary (B1)—Education for Sustainable Development and Citizenship Programme

This lesson can help your students identify power relationships and different forms of power.


Grammar Cards: Talking About Habits & Routines

Help your students practice talking about Habits & Routines using different verbs, time expressions, and frequency adverbs.


Digital Skills for Teens: Elementary—Digital presentation tools

Students read about online tools to make more dynamic interactive presentations.

Phrasal verbs on heart paper

Vocabulary Builders: Getting into a love of phrasal verbs

Get your students into a love of phrasal verbs… Now with Interactive Worksheets!

Teenagers smiling at camera

Skills for Problem Solving: Pre-Intermediate—Be A Good Classmate

Help your students talk about appropriate and inappropriate behaviours in class with this problem-solving activity.

Grammarman 1_index

Grammarman: Episode 1—Introducing Grammarman

Meet Grammarman, our correction-crusading hero, and his friends who defend Verbo City from bad English.



Discussion Cards: Love & Relationships

Use this fun activity to get your students talking about love, relationships and all things related.


Let’s Talk Business: Management—Doing an MBA

Get your students talking about business qualifications and their value with this ready-to-go worksheet.

Box of Heart Shaped Chocolates. Valentines Candy

Reading lesson plans: Chocolate

With the festive season upon us, Jackie McAvoy asks students to think about chocolate - and lots of it!

Sarah Breedlove

Career Readiness: Business—Sarah Breedlove

Read about one of the first African-American businesswomen and what made her successful.


Professional Communication Skills: Making an Argument

Use these interactive materials to deliver an online or face-to-face lesson on how to make an argument.


Current Themes: Women’s Football: Then and Now

Use this handy worksheet to get your students talking about women’s football and the gender pay gap in sports.