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    CLIL History: The Middle Ages

    Check out this engaging Question Loop activity associated with the Middle Ages.

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    Ancient Greece

    These resources explore ancient Athens: its organisations, institutions, and what Athenian democracy meant for a burgeoning population in one of the most powerful cities in Greece.

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    The Roman Empire

    Explore the Roman Empire at the time of its greatest expansion and discover how place names connect us to our Roman past

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    The History of Chocolate

    A topic-based lesson about the history and manufacture of chocolate.

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    Classical architecture vocabulary

    This series of exercises teaches fundamental architectural terms, from ‘cornice’ to ‘pedestal’, and details the origin and distinguishing features of the five Classical orders. Students label a diagram, match terms to their definitions, and identify the correct architectural order using a text description and an illustration.

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    World Trivia Quiz

    How much do your students know about the modern and ancient world? Find out with this true/false quiz.

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    The Romans

    What did the ancient Romans eat? What games did Roman children play? How many people could attend chariot race? In this lesson plan, students learn about this ancient civilization and strengthen their vocabulary with words such as aqueduct, lavish and enable.

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    Mysteries of lost worlds

    In this group activity, students discuss the mysterious monuments of lost civilizations and speculate how and why they were built.

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    Mayans and Incas

    In this lesson plan, students work in pairs to read about two ancient civilizations and identify differences between the two.

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    CLIL: History—Harriet Tubman

    Learn about Harriet Tubman, an abolitionist and social activist that rescued over 70 slaves.

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    Christopher Columbus

    In this lesson plan, a fun multiple-choice quiz tests students’ knowledge of Christopher Columbus. An information-gap reading activity gets them to check their answers to the quiz. Students then read an article on Columbus and correct the factual mistakes. A vocabulary activity asks students to focus on words such as ...

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    Blackbeard the pirate

    In this lesson plan, students read about Blackbeard and then ask a partner questions about him.

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    The history of football hooliganism

    A lesson plan about the long history of football hooliganism. Students can read about some of that history in this article on violent fans of the most popular game in the world.

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    History vocabulary

    Reinforce students’ knowledge of the Middle Ages while expanding their vocabulary. Students complete a timeline tracing the key events of the period, from the rise and fall of the Ostrogoths to the advent of the Holy Roman Empire and the spread of the plague. They then translate and match words ...

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    Who invented the teabag? When was the paperclip invented? Which invention might you find in a kitchen and a church? This series of activities gets students in teams to find out the answers to these questions while learning all sorts of fascinating facts! A follow-up activity focuses on past tenses ...

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    The History of Money

    Did you know that historians believe the Chinese were the first to use paper money, or that cocoa beans served as currency in ancient Mexico? In this lesson plan, students work in pairs to learn about money, from its earliest forms to the bank cards we use today, including the ...

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    The History of the UK Parliament

    In this lesson plan, students read about the history of the Houses of Parliament and find out more about the two assemblies at the heart of the UK political system: the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Includes vocabulary exercises, true/false questions and related websites to explore.

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    The History of Basketball

    When a Canadian teacher was trying to think of a way to keep his students fit during the winter months little did he know that he was about to invent the most popular indoor sport in the world: basketball, now played in over 150 countries. In this worksheet students learn ...

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    The Cold War

    The rivalry between the USSR and the USA dominated international affairs for decades. Students learn the reasons why in this range of CLIL resources.

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    The Russian Revolution

    The Russian Revolution brought an end to Tsarist rule in Russia. Meet the key players in this set of engaging worksheets.