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    Tourism: Question Loop Speaking Activity

    This fun activity can be used at the beginning of a new topic like ’Tourism’ to introduce new material, or the end to revise material already learned.

  • Photo of different weathers or seasons. If it's too hard to have one with more than one season, than just a photo of one season or one type of weather.

    The Weather And The Four Seasons

    A lesson plan for pupils to use the present continuous to describe the weather and practise vocabulary for the months, the seasons and clothes.

  • Photo of a river.

    People and their environment: Rivers

    A lesson plan with matching and true/false exercises to teach about the course of a river and review the present simple tense.

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    Spain: Vegetation

    A lesson plan with reading and writing activities on the many types of trees that grow in Spain and their impact on the environment and economy.

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    Spain: Rivers

    In this lesson plan, students read texts and practise forming sentences while learning about river ecosystems and geography.

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    CLIL Geography: Spain - Endangered species

    Talk to your students about some endangered species in Spain and worldwide.

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    Spain: Climate and mountains

    A lesson plan with information-gap and mapping exercises on Spain’s different climate types and principal mountain ranges.

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    Describing a country: Spain

    Teaches the geographical features of Spain and other key facts about the country, including its currency and capital city.

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    Map reading

    Helps young learners develop map-reading skills and spatial awareness. Pupils use a grid map and cardinal directions to measure distances and find places in a town. Teacher’s notes provide step-by-step instructions and suggestions for additional map-reading exercises and classroom activities.

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    CLIL: Geography—Deserts and Rainforests

    Talk with your young learners about the Amazon rainforest and Sahara desert ecosystems with this CLIL lesson.

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    Weather symbols

    This worksheet will reinforce pupils’ familiarity with common weather symbols and strengthen their ability to discuss the weather. Among the activities: pupils match weather symbols to the appropriate adjective and describe the weather in their own town. The teacher’s notes include suggestions for classroom activities to further enhance pupils’ understanding ...

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    Weather crossword

    A lesson plan where students fit the nine words into the puzzle to learn about thunder, hail and other weather events.

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    The four seasons

    In this lesson plan, pupils assemble a cut-out to revise the seasons and weather vocabulary.

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    A worksheet and lesson plan on the rain cycle and main properties of water.

  • Photo to illustrate the water cycle.

    The water cycle

    This lesson plan uses pictures and activities to teach the stages of the water cycle and related vocabulary words.

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    Personal hygiene

    This lesson plan helps pupils to learn about the role of water in personal hygiene and practise ‘Do you…?’ questions.

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    People and their environment: Mountains

    In this lesson plan, pupils learn the main features of mountains and key vocabulary words such as ‘climate’ and ‘vegetation’.

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    People and their environment: Cities

    This lesson plan teaches the main features of cities and the present simple tense.

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    Human habitats

    By meeting children from Mongolia, Greenland, Shanghai and Chile, pupils learn how the houses we live in reveal key information about our environment in this lesson plan. Key vocabulary includes: igloo, ger, skyscraper and farmhouse.

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    Comparing calendars: Spain and Australia

    In this lesson plan, pupils examine school calendars for Spain and Australia in order to understand the consequences of seasonal differences on the yearly school timetable. Includes true/false exercise and comprehension-check questions.