Introduce some creative fun to your class by having your students design a new school t-shirt.

Communicative Language Activities: School T-Shirt

 Here are some ideas on how to use these handy resources!


  • Put students into groups of three.
  • Ask them to sit with their backs to one another so that they can’t see what their partners are wearing.
  • Ask them to take turns to describe their partners’ outfit in as much detail as they can.
  • The student who remembered the most about the outfits win.

Lead in

  • Ask students if they know when the International Day of T-shirts is celebrated.
  • Hold a class discussion on the importance of the t-shirt and ask students to read the text in the worksheet for more information.

Designing the t-shirt

  • As per the worksheet, explain that the students will work in teams to design a new school t-shirt.
  • If necessary, brainstorm useful vocabulary such as fabrics, patterns, basic design terms, etc.
  • Divide students into teams and set time for the task. They can use the t-shirt in the worksheet to draw on, or you can bring large sheets of thicker paper and ask them to draw an outline of a t-shirt.
  • Monitor and support.
  • Hold presentations and vote for the best design. 


If you want to expand this to whole class, follow the first two activities suggested above and end the lesson with a discussion on school uniforms. As homework, tell them to make a proposal for a whole set of school uniforms or, if they disagree with the idea of uniforms, a dress code.


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