Check out this original set of Business Top Trumps cards and twelve complete lesson plans and inject some fun into your Business English classes.

Covering business topics from company structure to outsourcing, your business students will be able to have fun while developing their Business English skills and vocabulary more fully. Why not start with the card game and then move on to develop the language more fully?

This series can be used flexibly. The game itself can be played and enjoyed by students from elementary to advanced level, or as a warmer or interlude to change the pace of the class. Playing the game will engage students and promote discussion at any level. The lesson plans provide a more complete set of activities to extend a business topic beyond the game and challenge students from pre-intermediate to advanced levels.

Once you start using the cards, you will no doubt think of other ways that they could be included in your lessons to supplement your course material, to enliven role-plays, to … well, the choice is yours. So, whether you decide to use the cards to bring life to what might otherwise be a slightly dry topic or lesson, to follow the complete lesson plans and worksheets, or just use the ideas from the worksheets that most appeal to you, we know that you and your business-English students will have fun teaching and learning with Business Top Trumps!

You can access the complete series and download a FREE sample of the cards below.

You can also take a look at our ’How to play Top Trumps’ video to learn more.


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