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  • Photo of a very old looking English dictionary.

    The corpus principle: Introduction to corpora

    By Jamie Keddie

    In this six-part series, Jamie Keddie asks, 'What is a corpus?' and invites us to think about how we might use corpora in the classroom.

  • Photo to illustrate the concept of DIY.

    The corpus principle – DIY Corpora

    By Jamie Keddie

    In this article, Jamie Keddie describes a technique which involves creating personalized corpora for use in class.

  • Photo of someone looking something up on the internet.

    The corpus principle – Vocabulary and collocations

    By Jamie Keddie

    Jamie Keddie examines conventional corpora – the databases of language that have been compiled specifically for the purpose of linguistic investigation – to see how they can be used to strengthen students’ understanding of the importance of collocation when learning a new language.

Vocabulary Matters

  • Vocabulary matters: What do words mean?

    By Adrian Tennant

    This article takes a look at the different aspects of ‘knowing’ a word, starting with a look at some of the things we need to know about a word in order to really understand it and finishing with a few practical activities.

  • Vocabulary matters: Dealing with phrasal verbs

    By Adrian Tennant

    There are thousands of phrasal verbs in the English language, many of them having more than one meaning. Dealing with them can seem like a gigantic task. In this article, Adrian Tennant looks at what phrasal verbs are and why students often find them difficult to learn and use, with ...

  • Vocabulary matters: Techniques for teaching and learning

    By Adrian Tennant

    We know how important vocabulary is in respect to learning a language, but how do we go about teaching and learning it? In this article we take a look at a number of techniques designed to help teach and learn vocabulary.

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