In this Macmillan Dictionary quiz, you can test your emoji reading skills and try to guess the titles of well-known books.


What are emoji?

Emoji (or emojis) are small digital images or symbols used in electronic communication to convey an idea or feeling.

The word emoji and the concept it represents are Japanese in origin, formulated by combining the words e (meaning ‘picture’) and moji (meaning ‘character’). The word’s adoption into English has possibly been helped by the fact that it begins with emo-, therefore graphically resembling its precursor, the emoticon.

How does Macmillan Dictionary describe emoji?

For each emoji that has been added to Macmillan Dictionary, we have provided some or all of the following types of information:

  • name of the emoji

  • what the emoji represents

  • cultural references to the emoji

  • notes on its usage

  • an image at the top of the page to show what the emoji looks like

Freelance lexicographer Jane Solomon has compiled the emoji content in Macmillan Dictionary. Jane also contributes to Emojipedia.

The list below includes all the entries in the dictionary where you can find these emoji.


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