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Try our new Interactive Worksheets! — Beta

In our new Interactive Worksheets section, you’ll find a range of worksheets which have been designed so that your students can receive immediate feedback on their answers.

An international group of students

Advancing Teaching: Global Citizenship Education

By Jonathan Hadley

Learn about the fundamental ideas behind Global Citizenship Education and its importance in a modern ELT classroom.

Business woman and man negotiating.

Live from London: Business — Negotiations

By Pete Clements

Watch authentic London office workers describe the ways to conduct successful negotiations and the skills good negotiators need.

Teenage students looking at computer.

Vocabulary Builders: IT metaphors

Help your students master information technology jargon.

Introducing our latest series


Digital Skills for Teens: Elementary—Online polls

Students read about different types of polls and what they are used for.


Career Readiness: B1 Science

Read about mind reading and whether it is possible to control machines with our minds.

Spotlight on...World Friendship Day

Three old friends having coffee

Impressions: Friends

Students discuss what qualities are important in a friend and do a questionnaire about friendship.

Friends taking selfie

Live from London: Friends

Set in Brixton, London, this video lesson includes authentic interviews with Londoners, talking about friends.