Number one for English language teachers

Happy New Year!

Level: Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper intermediate

Three activities suitable for your first classes of the New Year, or if you are starting a new course in January.

  • New Year discussion: 30-45 minutes
  • New Year resolutions: 30 minutes
  • Find someone who: 30 minutes

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Readers' comments (19)

  • lol

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  • Dear Johnboy,
    We don't have any control over which resources appear in the most popular box on the homepage, as they are the pages most frequently visited by you, the onestopenglish community!
    Best wishes,
    The onestopenglish team

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  • I am fairly new to the business so I can't judge the content as well as some of the complainers but I do think that endless repitition of "The difference between "can" and "could" [ which is not that clear -me, a former journalist] is bad PR and gives a poor impression.

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  • We’re sorry to hear that you’re disappointed with the content you found on the site when you came back from the holiday break. You can now find new resources on our homepage, as part of our monthly January publishing, but we do appreciate that this is too late for many of you who have gone back to class earlier this week or even last week, and that the materials should have been available sooner. We’ve been thinking about how to address your concerns and how to change our schedule for January publishing, so that you’ll find new materials about New Year in December rather than in January, and that the January materials themselves can be published earlier in the month, so they’re ready for when you go back to class.

    We have a packed publishing plan for 2013, with new resources in Business and ESP, ESOL, Skills, CLIL, Methodology and Young learners. We publish between 30 and 40 items of content each month across all areas of ELT, constantly adding to our database, which now has over 8,800 resources. It is difficult to please all of our very diverse community of teachers all of the time but I would like to assure you that we do take your comments very seriously and incorporate your feedback into our publishing plans. We particularly appreciate specific feedback that helps us to define exactly what you are looking for and where we have gaps. In 2012, we re-evaluated our Festivals publishing in response to some user feedback and in 2013 we will be bringing you fresh resources ahead of key dates throughout the year.

    With very best wishes for the New Year,
    Claire Pye (Publisher)

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  • I too agree with the comments of the other members.
    It would also be nice to have more than just one article (Guardian) per week so that there is a slight choice.
    After all the subscription rate has increased.

    Bonne Année to all teachers and the O.S.E. team.

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  • I have to agree with the comments of other members. I have been a member of Onestopenglish for many years and have found new material to be very thin on the ground! EAL materials suitable for primary/young secondary learners and 1:1 lesson material are rarely given the time of day. International children who speak English daily in our schools always lag behind in writing and vocabulary skills. Surely this should be an area which should be given attention. The subscription is no longer peanuts so come on team - please, please expand your resources and give us more!
    Many thanks.

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  • Nothing new for 2013. It's a neverending story. The "We publish new material on the site weekly and monthly" is wide of the mark in my view. New news lessons on rather abstract matters are not often not useful. If you click on the grammar section you get photocopies of badly photocopied and scanned material from 2002. Is that really acceptable in 2013?? Grammarman may keep some happy but time could be better spent elsewhere - at least in my opinion. This comment will probably get swatted away with another "we are now publishing more than ever before" message, but I'd like you to seriously evaluate what you're offering here. I went through your business English material in no time at all and am now just feeding off scraps. Don't just take the money and run. Lessons on scum villages in Amsterdam just don't cut it, I'm afraid.

    My kingdom for a horse? Well, my subscription money for usable material.

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  • I totally agree with Marilena and majority of the other readers. I too have used this activity a few times. A change is definitely welcome.

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  • Considering that most language schools resumed after the Christmas break on 7th January I would have expected the site to have been updated with New Year 2013 activities prior to this. At the time of writing this comment it's still displaying December / Christmas. It's no use adding New Year's activities on Tuesday 8th or Wednesday 9th when a large proportion of subscribers have already had their first classes and the opportunity has been missed.

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  • Dear all,
    We publish new material on the site weekly and monthly and, if anything, we are now publishing more than ever before. For a very long time our updates have been on the first Tuesday of the month (except on the 1st, and in January when we publish on the second Tuesday of the month), so the next one will be on 8th January (i.e. tomorrow!).
    Thanks for your kind comments about the site and a happy new year to you all!
    Best wishes,
    The onestopenglish team

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