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Pronunciation matters

A series of articles by Adrian Tennant discussing the importance of teaching pronunciation, the issues surrounding the teaching of pronunciation and lots of practical ideas for successfully integrating pronunciation into your lessons.

Pronunciation matters articles

  • Pronunciation matters: Sound reasons for teaching pronunciation

    Author: Adrian Tennant Type: Article, Teaching notes Print material

    This is the first of a series of articles on teaching pronunciation. The article starts by explaining why it is important to teach pronunciation. It then moves on to look at what we should be teaching and some of the key areas of pronunciation. Finally we look at a few practical ideas to help teachers to start including some basic pronunciation activities in their lessons.

  • Pronunciation matters: Integrating pronunciation in your teaching

    Author: Adrian Tennant Type: Article, Teaching notes Staff RoomPrint material

    This is the second article on pronunciation and looks at when you should teach pronunciation and how you can integrate it in your lesson. It follows on closely from the first article in the series, Sound reasons for teaching pronunciation. A number of practical ideas and activities are suggested and these are interspersed throughout the article.

  • Pronunciation matters: Pronunciation: Prescriptive or descriptive?

    Author: Adrian Tennant Type: Article Staff RoomPrint material

    In this third article in the series on pronunciation we look at a number of issues surrounding the ways in which pronunciation is dealt with in learning materials and by many teachers.

  • Pronunciation matters: Using the phonemic chart

    Author: Adrian Tennant Type: Article Staff RoomPrint material

    In this article, Adrian Tennant looks at different ways of using the phonemic chart to teach pronunciation to your students. The article starts by giving reasons why it is useful for students to know the phonemic alphabet and then moves on to give practical ideas to help teachers use the phonemic chart in their lessons.

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