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Listening skills lesson plans: Catching up on news

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Listening for specific information, inferring relationships and inferring meaning.


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AustralianSlownote taking30 minutes


Theme:Catching up on news
Skills:Listening for specific information, inferring relationships, inferring meaning
Grammar focus:Present perfect
Vocabulary:news, argument, competition, driving test, engaged, golf, kids, serious, surprise, upset.
Preparation:Download the worksheet and make one copy for every two students. Cut each copy as shown by the lines.


  1. Tell students they are going to hear a telephone conversation between an American man and woman. Tell them to put their pens down and simply listen. When students are ready, play the recording.
  2. Ask students to call out all the names they can remember. Write them on the board:
    Answers: Kevin, Anne, Dennis, Becky, Kate.
  3. Put students into pairs. Write these questions on the board and tell them to guess the answers:

    a. What’s the relationship between Kevin and Anne?
    b. Who is Dennis?
    c. Who are Becky and Kate?

  4. After a few moments, review the answers with the class.
    Answers: a. They are friends, perhaps brother and sister, b. Anne’s husband, c. Anne and Dennis’ children
  5. Tell students you are going to play the recording again. Explain they should make notes on what news Anne gives about Dennis, Becky and Kate. Tell them also to note Kevin’s news. Give them a few moments to try to remember any information they can, then play the recording.
  6. Tell students to compare their notes, then go through the answers with the class. You may wish to write these down on the board and review the form and use of the Present perfect tense. Answers: Dennis has won a golf competition, Becky has had an argument with her boyfriend, Kate has passed her driving test Kevin: has got (gotten) engaged
  7. Ask students if they can remember when each of these things happened? Tell students you will play the recording once more and they must shout ‘Stop!’ when they hear when each thing happened. Play the recording, stopping whenever students call out ‘Stop!’. Answers: Dennis: last Saturday, Becky: this morning, Kate: on Friday, Kevin: last week
  8. Give each student a question sheet from Worksheet 1 and allow them time to read the statements and check their answers. Then play the recording as they listen and check. Answers: 1. F, 2. DK, 3. F, 4. DK, 5. F, 6. F, 7. DK, 8. T

Post-listening tasks

Put students into pairs and give each pair a copy of the recording script. Tell them to practice the conversation with their partner.

Put students into pairs and tell them to prepare a similar conversation. Explain they should be two friends catching up on news with each other over the phone. Give them time to prepare their ideas, then tell them to role play their conversation to the class.


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  • Hello Notting Hill Girl,

    Thank you very much for your positive feedback. We are so pleased this resource worked so well with your class.

    Best wishes and happy teaching!

    The onestopenglish team

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  • My students enjoyed this today. It was also a good diagnostic tool as this is a new class. The follow on activities were useful. Many thanks.
    We used it to talk about pronunciation and stress in sentences.

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  • Thank you for everythings

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  • Hi christinainsa,
    Please see our comment below on how to download the audio on this page. The audio file is called 'Catching up on news - recording' and can be found under Related resources, just above this comment section.
    Best wishes,
    The onestopenglish team

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  • I am a member of One Stop and I cannot access the recording material. Please help. these listening exercises are extremely helpful but we need the recording material.

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  • Hi there,
    The recording can be found above under 'Related resources'. To download it, just click on the link then right click and select 'Save audio as'. You will then be able to save the file to your computer and use it offline. If you continue to have problems, please contact our technical team at for additional help and advice.
    Best wishes,
    The onestopenglish team

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  • I'm very disappointed to NOT being able to download the recording - how can Iuse this in class if I don't have the recording?

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  • You can sample free listening materials by visiting our Staff Room resources page:
    The first instalment of every series on the site is free to all users.

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  • Is there a chance of getting a free sample of the listening before registering?

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  • where are the "listening exercise" files?


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