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Topic-based lessons

A series of topic-based listening lesson ideas from Miles Craven with an emphasis on authentic, real-world listening, using both native and non-native speaker accents.

The listening activities provided here offer a wide range of listening practice. The activities cover a variety of formal and informal styles of language, from interviews and presentations to conversational dialogues. Passages are various lengths, and for each passage a photocopiable recording script is available. The emphasis is upon authentic, real-world listening, using both native and non-native speaker accents. All answers are clearly given. You can choose to sort activities by theme, skill, level or grammar focus.

Each activity is consists of step-by-step teacher’s notes to guide you through the main task, and post-listening follow up suggestions.

Activities last between 15 and 45 minutes. The timing for each activity is given at the top of the page. However, please note this is a guide only. Different classes may complete the activities in different times. Note that you may choose to omit the post-listening stages if time is short, and cover the main task only.

Listening skills
Naturally, any listening exercise covers a range of different listening skills. However, the activities here are designed to focus on one or more particular listening skills. All the listening skills covered in each activity are given at the top of the page.

A vocabulary section lists any words that students may be unfamiliar with. You can choose to pre-teach any words you feel your students may not know.

There is a suggested procedure for each activity. However, you can always make changes according to the needs of your class.

Topic-based lesson plans

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