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Grammar: The adverb game

To practise adverbs.

Materials: game board, word cards, A4 pocket, 2 board markers (black + red)

Players: two

Time: up to 20 minutes

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Readers' comments (1)

  • This is a great exercise. Could you though make a couple of changes? On the board game you have repeated two verbs - wash and wait. Could you only use them once and not repeat them? Second, I wondered if you could make the verbs a bit more common. For example, substitute act, type and shout for more commonly used verbs. On the cards you've repeated some adverbs too - fast, badly and well. It's easy just to remove them, but I wondered if you could use others? The same as my comment above though, adverbs like joyfully are not so common in my opinion. Could you make them a bit more relevant?

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  • Hello RuthAC,

    Thank you for your comments, we are pleased you like this exercise. For your convenience, we have attached a blank board and cards for you to fill in with verbs and adverbs of your choice. As this lesson is part of our 'Lesson share' series and was written by one of our teachers, we don't want to change the original content too much.

    Best wishes and happy teaching,

    The onestopenglish team

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