Number one for English language teachers

Teenagers: The balloon game

Level: Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper intermediate, Advanced Type: Extra

A fun game to energize students and foster cooperation / team spirit.



  • To energize students and foster cooperation / team spirit.
  • To channel energy positively.
  • To either revise a language area (such as word order) or to set a task or question for the students to focus on a new topic/language area.


  • For a class of 30 students get six balloons.
  • Cut up questions or sentences – taking into account their language level - e.g.

Peter/ has/ regularly /played /tennis/ on /Wednesdays/.

If /you /won/ the/ lottery/,/ how /would/ you/ spend/ the/ money/?

  • Stuff the cut up bits of paper into each balloon (this is not difficult) and blow them up and tie them securely.
  • Explain the activity clearly to the students.
  • Divide class into six groups of five students.
  • Each groups chooses a runner.
  • When the teacher says GO the runner runs up to their balloon, which is on the floor at the front of the classroom (with as much space made around it as possible).
  • They must burst the balloon without using their hands or feet and pick up the pieces of paper inside.
  • they return to their group and together must put the sentences(s)/ question(s) in the right order.
  • The group who finishes first are the winners.
  • If they have produced questions, the next step is to work together to answer their questions or discuss them.

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