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Energizers: Directions

Level: Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper intermediate, Advanced Type: Extra

A short energiser about following directions.


  • Write the following 'instructions' on the board: turn left / turn right / straight ahead / turn around at the traffic lights.
  • Stick a length of tape on the floor and explain that all the students have to stand to the left of the tape when you call out turn left, put their feet on either side of the tape for straight ahead, turn around and face the opposite direction for turn around at the traffic light, etc.
  • I normally get them to repeat the instructions too. I also change them after a week or two. e.g. bear left / bear right, take the second left / third right, go to the end of the road,over the bridge / through the tunnel, etc.
  • PS. I use this game for beginners as follows: today (put feet on either side of the line), yesterday (stand to the left), tomorrow (stand to the right), next week/ year/ month (turn around and face the opposite direction ), etc.
  • PPS. Whoever is on the wrong side steps out of the game and may then call instructions.

SIMPLE and a lot of FUN!! 

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Readers' comments (1)

  • Wrong clic, sorry. I meant 4 - four - stars! The activity is great and really fun when you add some more things to do, let the students speak and go fast:
    After the first round, get the students to give directions and react to the things said by the student giving directions, e.g. You see a friend on the right side of the road, say hello! There's a gas station on the left-hand side, get some gas, You're hungry, there's a drive-thru after the traffic lights, etc.

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