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Top Trumps: Baby animals

Type: Game

Baby animals is a cute, fun Top Trumps game for primary and lower secondary children learning English. Download the full pack of cards in our special cut-out-and-keep format now and take a look at FOUR accompanying lesson plans.

Top Trumps cards screenshot

Top Trumps lesson plans

Check out Carol Read’s four comprehensive lesson plans, with step-by-step teacher’s notes and student worksheets, to accompany the Baby animals Top Trumps pack. Each lesson plan has a different focus, designed to fully exploit the classroom potential of the cards:

1. Vocabulary and playing Top Trumps

2. Language, skills and Top Trumps facts

3. Content-based learning

4. Cross-curricular skills

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Readers' comments (8)

  • Hi Sam,

    Sorry to hear you're having issues. It's running from this page

    It may be Flash-related. Have you checked that you have Flash installed and also that the browser you're using has 'enabled' Flash?

    let us know if that works. If not, please email

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  • hello, I can't get the baby animals learning product interactive white board link to work. Is it running? Thanks

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  • Hi Finland Bee,

    Thank you for letting us know, we will investigate this.

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  • Hello, when I logged onto your website today, I received the message that you are not a "secure" site. Please take note.

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  • Morning Tinker,

    Thanks for the feedback. There are indeed plans for some more Top Trumps packs in the pipeline for 2017 and these will be aimed at 7-11 year-olds and teens. Glad that you've found the Baby Animals set so useful with your after-school club - both educational and cute!

    Best wishes,
    The onestopenglish team

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  • Morning!
    Just wondering if there are going to be other packs of Top Trumps in addition to the Baby Animals one. They're a fantastic and versatile resource for an after school club where I have children aged 4 - 11 all in one group. Not easy!

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  • My 10 year old student LOVES her baby animals top trumps, in all forms of the game. I highly recommend this for capturing the attention of kids and teaching them some fun vocab.
    (Unfortunately one of the words I have had to teach is "cheat!", but you can't win them all... well, not unless you bend the rules!)

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  • Great for motivation; fantastic content. Am I parochial in wishing that the map of my beloved New Zealand in Lesson 3 was more accurate? the 2011 Rugby World Cup final was not played in mid-ocean but in Auckland, our largest city.

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