Tim Bowen won't let us down with this selection of football-related phrasal verbs.

Whenever there is a big compettition such as the World Cup, football seems to take over the tv and newspapers in the UK, with hours of coverage and pages of reports devoted to the matches which play out between the different countries.

In a match, two teams are pitted against (made to compete against) each other, until one team is  knocked out (eliminated). Hopefully, the match will be exciting and won't bring back (evoke) memories of previous defeats.

A successful team will brush aside (easily overcome) the rival's challenge, and many people will be rooting for (supporting) their favourite team.

If a team fails to put away (score) a goal they may be knocked out (made to leave the competition) in a penalty shoot-out.

A previously successful team can let down (disappoint) their supporters in a big way if they lose. A team that turns in (produces) feeble performances against so-called lesser opposition, fails to live up to expectations (be as good as people expected).

For those of you who are not engrossed in (very interested in) the football, you can take comfort in the knowledge that, once it's finished, it will be four years before the World Cup comes round (happens) again.