Yet again, Tim Bowen notches up another fine Your English article. Here, we can lap up his football report on Fulham vs Juventus.

Fulham, one of the less well-known football clubs in London, notched up (won) an impressive UEFA Europa League victory recently against the legendary Italian club Juventus.

Fulham went down (lost) 3-1 in the first leg in Turin and most people expected them to be knocked out (eliminated) in the return leg in London. This view was reinforced in the second minute of the game when Fulham fell behind (started losing) in the second minute.

However, Fulham hit back (started playing well against an opponent that was winning) with a goal of their own and, soon after, the captain of Juventus was sent off (received a red card) for a foul.

Just before half-time, Fulham went ahead (started winning) when they finally put away (scored) one of several scoring opportunities and led 2-1 at the break.

In the second half, Juventus simply fell apart (collapsed). Fulham were awarded a penalty, which was coolly put away to make the score 3-1. Then, urged on (encouraged) by their passionate supporters, Fulham knocked in (scored) a fourth goal and went on to win 4-1, thereby going through to the quarter finals (qualifying for the quarter finals).

As the players lapped up (enjoyed) the fans’ applause after the game, the Fulham manager urged both players and supporters not to get too carried away (over-excited) by the result, insisting that even more difficult challenges lay ahead (were coming in the future).