Proving that idioms are in his blood, here is Tim Bowen's next installment of blood-related collocates.

Someone who has blood on their hands is responsible for the bad effects on another person of something they have done, for example 'His mistake caused many people to lose their jobs. He's got blood on his hands.' These people may well be after his blood or out for blood (seeking revenge). However, getting their jobs back will probably be like getting blood out of a stone (extremely difficult). People like that can really make your blood boil (make you feel very angry), especially if you have personally lost a good position you worked hard for through blood, sweat and tears (a lot of effort and hard work). Employees in the company probably felt their blood run cold (suddenly felt very worried or frightened) when they heard the news of this person's actions.

The traditional saying that blood is thicker than water, means that family relationships are usually stronger and more important than other types of relationships. However, if you follow a profession that someone in your family is also in or has been in, we can say it is  in your blood. However, if you fall out with someone there is probably bad blood between you (a strong feeling of dislike because of something that happened in the past).