Have some fun with your Young Learners this Valentine’s Day by trying out this engaging project.


  • one copy of the downloadable worksheet per student
  • coloured pencils, crayons, markers, glitter, and other decorative materials
  • scissors
  • glue
  • small pieces of candy, chocolate, or other small treats to put in the card


  1. Hand out a copy to each student and ask them to cut out each piece on the dotted line. If your students are too young to use scissors, cut the pieces in advance and give a set to each student. The thin pieces are going to be the heart’s arms and legs.
  2. Assign each student a classmate for whom they will make a Valentine’s Day card. Ask them to decorate and personalise their cards based on what they think their classmate may like.
  3. Then, students should glue the “arms”  and the “legs” to one of the hearts and cover it with the second heart, leaving a space to fill with candy.
  4. Once the heart is full, students can glue the rest of the heart to close it together.
  5. Have students sit in a circle and hand out their gifts to their classmates. You could ask the class to add a positive reinforcement message, e.g., ”Thanks, Ana, for being kind to others!”






Click link to download and view these files