Onestopenglish has teamed up with Macmillan Dictionary, the free English Dictionary and Thesaurus, to bring you a host of exciting features and practical classroom resources. Search the full Macmillan Dictionary database direct from any page on onestopenglish, or make use of the free BuzzWord lesson plans written by language experts Tim Bowen and Kerry Maxwell. Find out more here.

Macmillan’s online English dictionary has English language resources that are useful for all levels of English language learning.

Learners love the red word star system which show the most common words in English and how frequently they are used. Clear and concise definitions also have sample sentences, audio pronunciations (in British or American English), an integrated thesaurus, related definitions and word sets.

Have you found your definition and now want something more? How about the lively blog which has global English as one of its major themes. Peruse new words in the BuzzWord of the week section or the Open Dictionary where you can also submit your own words!

For you bloggers and website owners there is a range of free dictionary widgets, gadgets, plugins and browser toolbars. Since we are on the topic of technical language resources, don’t miss the popular pronunciation aid app for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android.

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