Boost your students’ vocabulary with this useful collection of prepositional phrases.

Prepostional Phrase Pyramid

Age: Teenagers / Adults

Level: Intermediate - Upper Intermediate

Target Structure: Mixed Tenses & Vocabulary; Prepositial Phrases with at, in, on, by & out.

Duration: 10-20 minutes (depending on group size)

Materials: Prepositional Phrases Grammar Cards

  • Have students work in groups of four or five for this activity. Each group should have a set of cards cut up. Specific cards can be extracted in groups to practise a certain preposition if preferred.

  •    Go over the vocabulary in the cards, making sure students understand the meaning and pronunciation.
  •    First student draws a card that has a time phrase. Then they should try to explain the meaning of the phrase without using any of the words in the card. They shouldn’t use their mother tongue to translate either.

           A:  [draws out of context card] When you see or hear something but you don’t understand why it’s happening.

           B: out of context!

           A:  [draws by chance card] Synonym to by luck.

           TeacherSorry, you used the word by.

  •  Students can take turns and try to guess as many words as they can in a minute or two. Team with the most correct answers wins.




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