Help your students learn the past & past participle forms of regular verbs. Below you can find a suggested activity you can do with these cards.

Active or Passive

Age: 10+

Level: Intermediate

Target Structure: Active & passive voice

Duration: 10-20 minutes (depending on group size)

Materials: cut-out Regular Verbs in Past & Past Participle Grammar Cards*

  • Divide your class into pairs, trios, or small groups.

  • Give out a small bunch of cards to each group (make sure they have been shuffled first).

  •    Have students take turns and draw a card from the bunch and read the verb in the card.
  •    If the verb is in simple form, they have to say a sentence using the verb in active voice, e.g., travel = My family travels to the beach every year.
  •    If the verb is in past/past participle, they should say a sentence using the verb in passive voice, e.g., visited = The museum is visited by many people on weekends.
  •    Ask students to take note of any verbs they had trouble using in a passive sentence and go over them as a class. This activity should make them aware that not all verbs are used in a passive form “naturally”.

*Note: time expression cards have elements in paranthesis that can be easily replaced.


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