Help your students learn the past participle form of irregular verbs. Below you can find a suggested activity you can do with these cards.

Never Have I Ever…

Age: All ages

Level: Intermediate

Target Structure: Present Perfect

Duration: 10-20 minutes (depending on group size)

Materials: cut-out Irregular Verbs in Past Participle, Regular Verbs in Past & Past Participle (verbs only) Grammar Cards

  • Have students work in trios for this activity.

  • Divide cards in two groups: verbs and time expressions

  • Have students draw a card from each group and ask their partner(s) a question about their personal experiences using that verb and time expression. Classmate should reply with what is true about them.

           A: (fly/yet) Have you flown to another country yet?

          B: Yes, I have flown to (France) / No, I’ve never flown to another country.

  • Students take turns to ask each other questions.
  • Tips:
    • Mix verb cards with those from Regular Verbs in Past & Participle Grammar Cards for additional vocabulary practice.

    • Choose the verbs you want to practice in advance and separate base form cards from past participle ones. For fast learners, use Base Form cards only to increase difficulty. 


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